I Can Do It Myself!

Fotolia_49191651_Subscription_Monthly_M-560x260Sure you can. Me too…NOT!! Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish as the old saying goes. Hire an accountant and save yourself time, money and aggravation.
Think about it. If your combined federal and state tax bracket is 25%, you save $25 in taxes every time your accountant finds you another $100 in deductions and it goes up from there. If you are in a 50% combined federal and state tax bracket, your accountant will save you $50 for every $100 in deductions found. So, if your accountant charges $350 for a basic tax return, $700 to $1400 of additional deductions need to be found to cover the accountants fee. Everything beyond that is all for you.
My experience has been that most accountants can find that kind of money in their sleep. So, what are you waiting for???????

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