Let Me Play Among The Stars….

airplane moneyLast time I talked to you about saving money and how I saved $720 in 2015 after spending one hour working with my cell phone, cable and internet providers. Do you remember? Of course you do! There’s a method to my madness which I talk about in my Budget Buster program. The idea is to get all of the services, goods, products etc… that you now get but to spend less. Then, you can use that money for whatever you think is the most important to you. On the top of the list for many of my clients is travel. So, today’s the day!

Apparently, the airlines are at war, again. Europe for $300, London for $400, Vegas for $49. In other words, if you are thinking about doing some travelling and you’ve saved all of that money by following my advice, today might just be the day to lock in some deals of the year. My recommendation is to not only look at the airlines that you use regularly (because you have frequent flyer awards) but to get onto to one of the many sites that consolidate information and look at the entire airline industry. Also, consider saving your miles for when tickets are more expensive. Depending on your usage, it may be preferable to actually pay for this ticket, if it’s cheap enough. As usual, take your time, look around and don’t be too impulsive. On the other hand, don’t take too long. No one really knows when the deals will end.

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