Our Money Coaching Services
We know that our services are important. Our company goals include:

  • To reach out to divorced and widowed women and offer important financial guidance during a very stressful time in their lives.
  • To coach and educate women as they strive to establish their financial well-being.
  • To help women to use their new found knowledge to achieve financial independence.

Even though friends and family may have good intentions, dealing with financial issues is very personal. Getting objective help is crucial and it’s always best to learn to manage your money and assets yourself. This is where our money coaching comes in.

Why Get Money Coaching?

Don’t stress about your money...get financial guidance when you need it most!

Feel knowledgeable, confident, organized and once again in control.

Develop a plan of action and learn how to implement it.

Develop a Money
Strategy to Secure
Your Future

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Our Specialties

  • Organizing Your Financial Life
  • Saving Your Home (or other property)
  • Getting You Back on Your Financial Feet
  • How to Start & Run a Business
  • How to Build & Have Financial Confidence
  • How to Use On-line Bill Pay Properly
  • Make Mortgages Work for You
  • How to Confidently Buy a Car
  • Where to Spend & How to Save Your Money

Free Women’s Money Forum

As a client, you are welcome to attend our Women’s Money Forum™. The purpose of the Women's Money Forum™ is for like-minded women to support each other with regard to their money related challenges. Meetings are held in Westlake Village. Click here for details.

Please Note: In no way are we telling you that you cannot succeed without us. However, we do feel that your odds of success are increased with a little guidence and your road to financial control will be shortened. We invite you to contact us for a 1 hour free consultation.    Find out more.


Money Strategies for Women

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“As CEO of The Wealth Creator Company for Women, I would like you to know that I will be the first person you will speak with when you contact us. I look forward to that opportunity.”
Neil Palache, CEO





A Personal Story


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My mother was one of the women described above when she was suddenly left to cope with financial issues on her own.

Since then she has completely re-invented herself and is today, a successful businesswoman. She succeeded in spite of the challenges, but has often said how nice it would have been to have a “Women’s Money Coach” available twenty-five years ago.

I am certain that her road to success could have been shortened with a coach on her side.”          

Neil Palache


“Neil has many great tips and tools to pass on to divorced and widowed women. He can coach someone on seemingly overwhelming tasks such as writing a check and balancing a check book for the first tYelp Badge for Neil Palache, Money  Coach, Los Angeles areaime to starting and running a successful business. Neil has a warm, supportive style. He is well connected in the community and can build a team to help someone get back on their feet, from obtaining car insurance to creating a living trust.”
Kris Paden, Esq., West Hills, CA
Estate Planning Attorney & Advisor




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Money Coaching Services for Widowed Women
Money Coaching Services for Divorced Women
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